About Greenfire® Writing Retreats and Programs

Safe and supportive gatherings to improve your writing

Writing can change the world, but often, it changes the writer first. The stronger and more skillful you are as a writer, the more significant the change. The way to become stronger and more skillful is to write, to practice, to share your work in a safe and supportive setting, and to write some more.

Writing takes practice. Practice takes time. Time requires both the willingness to commit and a safe place where time for writing is expected and highly valued.

That’s why every Greenfire program, from luncheon speech to multi-day writing retreat, includes guidance, ideas, and practice in a safe, supportive environment. Here, you can experiment, share your work, and write without fear.

Our goal is to empower, not intimidate. To open up your creativity, not shut it down under the guise of rules or one person’s self-proclaimed “right” answer. To increase your confidence at the same time you’re improving your skills.

Our retreats include 2-day “mini-retreats” (now online), 4- day/5-night retreats, and customized retreats of up to a week. Not sure if a retreat is right for you? Curious about the difference between a retreat and a workshop? You’ll find more info on our Retreats and Programs FAQ.

Follow the links below to read about specific retreats, workshops, and shorter programs. (Links for registration are with that program’s description and under Registration on the Shop page, too.)

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a workshop, retreat, or other program tailored to your group or organization.”

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