We Help You Tell The Story

Welcome to Greenfire® Creative!

I’m Judy Fort Brenneman, and I’m here to help you tell your story.

If you find yourself getting stuck or tangled up, wandering into the weeds, not knowing where to start or how to keep going, never finishing (or never starting), or just wondering what to do once you’ve got some marks on the page, I can help.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or if you’ve been writing for years; doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, a play, a wayside sign, a book.

Doesn’t matter if you have “neurological glitches,” flunked English class, have lousy handwriting, hate to type.

Doesn’t matter if you’re writing because you’ve always dreamed of being a writer or because you woke up yesterday with an idea for a story or because it’s part of your job.

What matters is that you want to write, and you want to write well.

I help through—

  • writing coaching: one-on-one, personalized writing guidance
  • writing retreats, workshops, and training sessions: safe and supportive gatherings to improve your writing
  • writing and editing services: including book editing
  • writing resources, including books, articles, and a free newsletter

I’m also an award-winning author, essayist, playwright, and occasional poet. I’ve written everything from hype, headlines, and exhibit labels to essays, plays, and books. You can read some of my work on the Publication page.