Greenfire® Writing Coaching

one-on-one, individualized writing guidance

For some people, writing coaching means goal setting and cheerleading. For others, it’s getting expert editorial feedback, marketing guidance to build an audience, or advice about publishing.

Here at Greenfire Creative, it’s all this and more.

Writing coaching is a type of creativity coaching. Unlike life or business coaching, it incorporates an understanding of creative process—what drives us to create, what gets in our way, what happens if we abandon our creative impulses, and how to find our way back to them.

Of course, writing is more than fanning your creative spark. It’s craft and artistry. Practice and inspiration. It’s rough drafts and rewrites (and more rewrites). Editing. Problem-solving. Risk-taking. Finishing.

As your writing coach, I guide you through the challenges, the bewildering and overwhelming and scary stuff, and anything else that threatens to derail you. Advice and encouragement are part of that. Editorial feedback and exercises to strengthen craft and creativity can be, too.

There are so many ways to tell a story! I’ll help you find the ways that work for you—ways that are fun, effective, and do not trigger flashbacks to eighth-grade English class.

Through our coaching sessions, you’ll

  • feel inspired and motivated to write the stories that are important to you;
  • overcome obstacles and challenges that get in the way of writing, completing, and submitting your work;
  • uncover and resolve creative blocks; and
  • develop the skills and confidence to tell your stories in the best ways possible.

How does Greenfire® coaching work? 

We meet regularly (typically via phone or Zoom Video) to talk about your writing, including specific projects you’re working on, where you’re getting stuck, what challenges you’re coping (or not coping) with, progress and discoveries, frustrations and surprises, what to try next.

“Regularly” most often means an hour each week or every other week. For some writers, it means an hour once a month. Every once in a while, we might get together for a day or multi-day session for some concentrated work on a large project. (You may also have the opportunity to attend special writing retreats, open only to my coaching clients.)

How often we meet depends on what you need, how fast you want to progress, the kinds of projects and problems you’re tackling, how much time you want to devote to your work, and your budget.

Speaking of budgets. . .

Our fees are straightforward: you pay by the session, either at the time of that session or monthly for that month’s sessions. A standard session includes our meeting time (typically an hour) plus a half-hour of “prep and wrap-up”—the time I spend to make sure each session provides the help, support, and guidance you need at that particular time. Your coaching fee includes basic email support between sessions, too.

You never have to buy a big block of coaching time up-front, and you’re never locked into a long-term contract.

Extended sessions (a day-long intensive, for example) and additional work beyond prep and wrap-up are billed at the same hourly rate as regular sessions.

I also hold optional group writing retreats during the year for my coaching clients. These are priced separately.

Does coaching include editing and feedback on my work?

Coaching is not editing, but because I am a professional editor and writer as well as a coach, I can (and often do) provide editorial feedback as part of coaching. This may (with your permission) expand into additional editing separate from coaching and is billed separately. (My freelance editing often includes some coaching, too.)

Are you an agent? Can you get my book published? 

I’m not a literary agent, and I’m not a traditional publisher. As your coach, I can help you navigate the challenges of submitting your work, finding an agent, figuring out publishing options (including independent, traditional, and hybrid approaches), marketing approaches to help build an audience, and other nuts-and-bolts aspects of getting your work out into the world.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching can help almost any writer, but there’s a bit of alchemy involved. Not every coach is the right match for every writer. The best way to find out if we’re a good match is to contact me via email to set up a free 30-minute introductory meeting.

How do I get started?

Send me an email telling me a little about yourself and your writing, along with some times that you’re available to meet. If you’re in the neighborhood—Fort Collins, Colorado—we might be able to meet in person; otherwise, we’ll meet via phone or Zoom.

What my coaching clients say

  • DB

    I really got a lot out of the (coaching client) workshop, not just in terms of technique, but also because it challenged me, as a person and as a writer, and made me think about myself and where I am. The exercises you had us do often seemed tailor made for us as a group and as individuals. As all of us agreed (we did talk about it), you are a damn good teacher.

  • KF

    I am so glad I contacted you when I did...I have learned SO much.

  • SB

    Thank you for your kind and timely words today.

  • KF

    Very few people have ever said, "No, you CAN figure this out. And I will help you through it." The usual helping response I get is: "Just do this." Or "Do it my way." Not, "How can I help you figure this out for yourself?" Or, "What can I do to support you in doing what you want?" Huge difference there.

  • KF

    People have no idea how hard writing can be, including myself before I tried it. Thank you once again for not giving up on me and, more importantly, for not allowing me to give up on myself.

  • KF

    Wow! There is NO way I would ever have stuck with this if I hadn't had your help.