Greenfire Writing Retreats

Greenfire® Writing Retreats

4-day/5-night retreats

Greenfire® Summer Writing Retreat

(for Greenfire® Coaching Clients)

4-day/5-night retreat

This annual, women-only retreat is by invitation only. For information, please contact Judy.

I really got a lot out of the (coaching client) workshop, not just in terms of technique, but also because it challenged me, as a person and as a writer, and made me think about myself and where I am. The exercises you had us do often seemed tailor made for us as a group and as individuals. As all of us agreed (we did talk about it), you are a damn good teacher.


Greenfire® Mini-Retreats

2-day retreats

Two days writing, exploring, and creating!

The January Greenfire® Mini-Retreat is a virtual (online) weekend event. About a week before the mini-retreat, you’ll receive a packet of information filled with websites, resources, and other goodies to explore ahead of time. The day before the retreat begins, you’ll receive an email with ideas, writing prompts, and creativity experiments to try. On retreat days, we’ll gather twice via Zoom to write, create, talk, discover, and share: a longer meeting and writing session earlier in the day, and a shorter meeting and writing session later in the day. Registration opens first for Greenfire coaching clients; if space is available, registration opens for others.

In-person Greenfire®Mini-Retreats have been on hiatus in recent years (thank you, COVID pandemic), but we may bring them back again. For the in-person mini-retreats, we stay near (or commute to) one or more museums, aquariums, zoos, or heritage sites. Each day, we meet in one or more of the sites, with group sessions throughout the day for writing exercises, discussions, explorations, and sharing.

Online or in-person: Generally open to all types of writers (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, specialty fields including interpretation) and levels of experience. Some mini-retreats are open only to Greenfire coaching clients; some are women-only; some focus on a particular type or genre of writing.

Greenfire Mini-Retreats for your group or organization, too! Contact us for details and possibilities.

Memoir, Memory, and Place: A Greenfire® Retreat

4-day/5-night retreat

Daily group sessions exploring the art and craft of personal memoir, one or more optional one-on-one coaching sessions with Judy, and plenty of time to write, reflect, and explore. Open to all types of writers (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and levels of experience.

Greenfire® Nature Writing Retreat

4-day/5-night retreat

Daily group sessions with different topics of focus, one or more optional one-on-one sessions with Judy, often includes a field trip or two, and plenty of time to write, reflect, and explore. Open to all types of writers (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and levels of experience.

Other Greenfire Retreats

These retreats are available in variable lengths, from short programs to multi-day retreats.

Customized Greenfire® writing retreats for your group, agency, or organization

We offer customized writing retreats for small groups (generally, a minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 12 participants). Retreats can be as short as 2 days and as long as a week. To discuss your group’s needs or to schedule a retreat, please contact us.