Greenfire® Writing Workshops

Greenfire® Interpretive Writing Workshops: Creating Stories that Make a Difference

In 2004, I created and presented the first Greenfire Interpretive Writing Intensive workshops, followed not longer after by the first Advanced Interpretive Writing workshop—4-day writing workshops for new and experienced interpretive writers to immerse themselves in this challenging and important work. I expanded (or contracted, depending on your point of view) those interpretive writing workshops to several 1- and 2-day interp writing workshops, as well as many shorter, topic-specific presentations. At this time, I’m offering these workshops by request only. You can read more about them on the Interpretive Writing Workshops page.

Electric Lemons: Interpretation and the Art of Writing By Judy Fort Brenneman

Wish for the workshop but know hosting one at your site or institution isn’t an option? Don’t despair! There’s plenty of good stuff in my award-winning book, Electric Lemons: Interpretation
and the Art of Writing
, available from Skysinger Press.