Interpretive Work Portfolio

Benton Foundry Discovery Center (Benton, PA)

Benton Foundry knew the two-story atrium planned as part of their most recent expansion would be a great place to meet customers and community members. Greenfire Creative and Wiant Design Works created a coherent story told through exhibits that incorporate technical details—how iron and sand become an engine manifold, for example—as well as the foundry’s history. The exhibits show visitors how a foundry works while promoting Benton Foundry’s values, work, and importance. The exhibits included included innovative and artistic solutions such as hands-on mechanical interactive elements to provide enjoyable and memorable ways to learn.

EverPower Wayside Signs (New York and Pennsylvania)

EverPower, a premier wind energy company with projects throughout the United States, partners with landowners and communities to develop and operate wind farms. Wind farms, with their extensive arrays of majestic wind turbines, are built in rural areas, often near areas popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Once the turbines are operational, the land serves multiple purposes—farmland is still farmed and forests still shelter wildlife, for example—and people, intrigued by the turbines, come to explore. EverPower is committed to educating people about the benefits of wind energy. They suspected there was an opportunity to help people understand more about wind energy where it was captured: at the wind farm itself. EverPower came to Wiant Design Works who, in partnership with Greenfire Creative, developed standardized interpretive wayside exhibits for the company’s current and future wind farm sites in Pennsylvania and New York. The exhibits tell the story of wind power—how it works, the environmental and economic benefits, unique features for that particular site, and what the future might hold—in a way that is enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable. The appealing design and durable craftsmanship of all exhibit components ensures that visitors’ curiosity will be rewarded for many years.