Greenfire Writing & Editing Services

including book editing

Greenfire Creative provides excellent, accurate writing and editing appropriate for the medium and the audience.

Whether you’re dealing with a temporary time-crunch, seasonal bloom, or the day-to-day pressures of turning good intentions into great work, we can help, wherever and whenever you need us. We work with all sizes and types of projects. We’re experts at untangling the content and the delivery, writing and reworking as needed, while maintaining the voice and vision of the author.

The end result? Your inspiration and intention become a professionally completed work of excellent quality.

Greenfire Writing Services

We understand that writing is not everyone’s favorite task. We know that deadlines have to be met whether or not you have time to meet them. We know you need writing that connects and communicates with the intended audience.

If you’re pressed for time, struggling with a project that’s beyond your comfort level, searching for better ways to make your content cut through the clutter, or simply want to escape the chore of writing, contact us. We’ll help you tell your story.

Greenfire Editing Services

One of the hardest jobs for any writer, no matter how accomplished, is editing his or her own work. Problems stem from things as simple as staring at the same passage too long and too often to the inevitable blind spots each writer brings to the table.

Greenfire Creative provides a fresh set of eyes, sharply focused. We identify and correct the problems that make manuscripts less than perfect. For some manuscripts, that means proofreading and verifying that the style is consistent with your (or the publisher’s) guidelines and recommendations. For others, it means extensive reorganizing and development or tightening and streamlining the writing.

We offer several levels of editing, depending on the needs of the author, the intended audience, and the purpose of the piece.

  • Developmental editing
    • The most extensive level, often involving organizational and conceptual work with the author.
  • Substantive editing
    • Identifying and solving problems of overall clarity and text flow.
  • Line editing and copy editing
    • Reviewing for consistency, accuracy, syntax, spelling, and more.

Whether you’re on your first draft or your fortieth, contact us. We’ll help you craft a final draft of excellent quality.