Inside the Inside Story: Creating Stories that Make a Difference

Length: 2 day (6 hours plus lunch each day)

Group size: minimum 6, maximum 75

Who Should Attend? Interpreters of all experience levels who are involved or plan to be involved in interpretive writing or editing


Topics covered include:

  • What is interpretive writing?
    • Critical components, from theme-building to crucial connections
  • Strength, Power, and Impact
    • How to make it worth reading—and worth remembering
  • Prrrooofreading and Humble Punctuation
    • Not for sissies…
  • Different Flavors of Interpretive Writing
    • Signs, scripts, newsletters, calendars, web sites, and more (may also focus on specific types, depending on interests and needs of participants)
  • Deeper Exploration of Craft and Creativity
    • Skills, techniques, and practice for effective writing
  • Editing
    • Length, clarity, reading level, brilliance, fun
  • Writer’s block
    • The myth of the blank page

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