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Basics and Beyond: A Day of Interpretive Writing


Topics covered

Who should attend?

Does your writing move readers, change their hearts and minds, and communicate in the most effective way possible?

How do you take what you know - about your site, your resource, about interpretation itself - and weave it into writing that inspires, intrigues, delights, and educates? How do you turn that knowledge into writing that is powerful, passionate, and persuasive?

Interpretive writing is one of the toughest types of writing to do well. It draws from practically every form and category of writing, from detailed scientific studies to poetry. At its best, it paints memorable images and ideas that connect on profound and emotional levels with the reader, precipitating changes in beliefs and behavior. At its worst, it alienates the very people we are trying to engage.

In this one-day workshop, we'll explore ways to lift our written language above the ordinary. We'll practice the art and craft of interpretive writing through facilitated discussion, in-class exercises, and sharing results. We'll push our creative envelopes, court the muse, and uncover new talents and skills. This workshop is highly interactive and includes a workbook with a complete set of handouts (and a few extra things that may be useful).

Some of the topics we'll cover:

  • What is interpretive writing?
        What makes it different from marketing, research reports, scientific publications, feature stories?
  • What's inside interpretive writing?
        Critical components, from theme-building to crucial connections
  • Strength, Power, and Impact
        How to make it worth reading - and worth remembering
  • Prrrooofreading and Humble Punctuation
        They're not for sissies…
  • Different Flavors of Interpretive Writing
        Signs, scripts, newsletters, calendars, web sites, and more
  • Deeper Explorations of the Flavors
        And/or focus on specific types, depending on interests and needs of the attendees
  • Editing
        Length, clarity, reading level, brilliance, fun
  • Writer's block
        The myth of the blank page
  • Writing for NAI and other publications
        You, too, can be world famous in your home town!
  • Who Should Attend? Interpreters of all experience levels who are involved or plan to be involved in interpretive writing or editing.

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