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Who should attend a CIG workshop?
We've had everyone from absolute beginners (including two people who were exploring interpretation as a second career choice) to folks who have been working in interp in one capacity or another for many years. Both ends of the spectrum (and those in between) have had positive responses to the workshop and said that it was worthwhile. (One long-time interpreter said he learned more in four days of his Greenfire Creative CIG workshop than he'd learned in ten years of working in interp.)

What should I expect in a CIG workshop?
During the first three (and possibly part of the fourth) days, we'll cover the history of interpretation, crucial components, what goes into a good presentation, how to create a great theme and create a program from that theme, audience evaluation, learning styles, and lots more. On the fourth day, each student does a ten-minute presentation that is developed during the first three days. By day four, each student will also have completed all requirements for certification as an interpretive guide (the presentation is one of the requirements; a theme-driven presentation outline, an open-book exam, and the class time requirement are the others). There is a little bit of homework each evening, and although we build in some time during the day to work on the exam and outline, most students work on those things during the evening, too (we encourage students to work together on the exam, and that happens during lunch and sometimes evenings).

Why certify?
Certification earns employer respect, increases hireability, and advances your career. It gives employers and their organizations strong marketing advantages in reaching today's sophisticated and demanding customers. And it helps further the conservation, education, and interpretation goals of your organization or agency.

Who is the certifying agency?
Certification is offered through the National Association for Interpretation (NAI), upon successful completion of the CIG requirements.

How do I get certified?
When you successfully complete the four requirements, you are eligible to be certified as a Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG). The four requirements are: creating a theme-based presentation outline; doing a ten-minute interpretive presentation based on that outline; an open-book exam; and the 32-hour workshop. You must receive 80% or better on the outline, presentation, and exam in order to qualify for certification. The exam is graded by NAI. Your certification fee is included in your workshop registration fee.

What if I don't want to be certified?
You can still take the workshop. You don't have to be certified, although there are many benefits to achieving your CIG. If you want to take the workshop and are certain that you do not wish to be certified, contact Greenfire Creative; your registration fee may be different than that listed, and you do not have to take the open book exam unless you want to.

What topics are covered in the CIG workshop?
See the CIG workshop page or the Table of Contents in the CIG Workbook for an overview of topics. If you need more information, please contact Greenfire Creative.

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