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Interpretive Writing Workshops
Inspire your writing with a Greenfire Creative Writing Workshop!

Advanced Interpretive Writing

Interpretive Writing Intensive Workshop

Inside Interpretive Writing Basics and Beyond
Other Workshops 

Advanced Interpretive Writing
4-day advanced workshop

This workshop is open only to writers who have completed the Interpretive Writing Intensive and/or Inside Interpretive Writing workshops. We will build on skills and concepts introduced in those workshops, improving craft, development, creativity, and storytelling techniques.

More information about the Advanced Interpretive Writing Workshop

Interpretive Writing Intensive
4-day in-depth writing workshop for interpretive writers

Learn how to create powerful, effective interpretive writing, from theme development to finding exactly the right words for the right place, whether it's a sign, script, label, or web site.

More information about the Interpretive Writing Intensive Workshop

Inside Interpretive Writing: How to Create Stories that Make a Difference

2-day writing workshop for interpretive writers

Interpretive writing is one of the toughest types of writing to do well. At its best, it paints memorable images and ideas that connect on profound and emotional levels with the reader, precipitating changes in beliefs and behavior. At its worst, it alienates the very people we are trying to engage.

In this two-day workshop, we'll explore ways to lift our written language above the ordinary.

More information about the Inside Interpretive Writing Workshop

Basics and Beyond

1-day writing workshop for interpretive writers

How do you take what you know - about your site, your resource, about interpretation itself - and weave it into writing that inspires, intrigues, delights, and educates? How do you turn that knowledge into writing that is powerful, passionate, and persuasive?

More information about the Basics and Beyond Workshop

Other Options

Please see the Workshops, Seminars, and Training page.

Specialty focus sessions, ranging from two hours to multi-day workshops, are also available. Please contact us for details.

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