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About Judy Fort Brenneman

Judy Fort Brenneman, owner and co-founder of Greenfire Creative, LLC, is a speaker, consultant, and award-winning writer. Her passion is helping people tell their stories. She has been involved in writing, editing, and marketing in the technical, scientific, health, and medical fields for over twenty years and in interpretive planning, writing, and training since 1998. Her work has helped companies and agencies define their vision, inspire their employees and volunteers, educate their audiences, and increase their sales.

Her ads, articles, and essays have appeared in diverse publications. Her awards include national and international honors from the Society for Technical Communications, the Business Marketing Association, New Millennium Writings, and Writers @ Work.

Judy is an active member of the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) and the Council for the Interpretation of Native Peoples (a section of NAI); a member of the Business Marketing Association; and a past Senior Member of the Society for Technical Communication. She is a Certified Interpretive Trainer sanctioned by NAI to train and certify Interpretive Guides and Interpretive Hosts. She is also a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and the Colorado Leading Edge program.

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